Flat Rate Flower + Succulent Delivery in Austin, TX.
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Tiny Bloom + Succulent Care

Your flowers need special care after they're received. Use these tips to help them last!


Keep Them Fresh and Hydrated

Be sure to add fresh water to your Tiny Bloom arrangement everyday. Your flowers will like it best if you fully replace the water daily and give them a trim.


Give Them A Trim

Flowers and greenery also love a fresh trim every few days. Cut the end of your stems 1/2" from the bottom at an angle with floral shears. Never use kitchen scissors!  If you need pair of shears, we have them for you.


Where to Display Them?

Store your flowers in a cool area away from any windows or heat/air conditioning vents. Heat will dramatically decrease the life of your flowers, so keep those babies cool in the Texas heat!

Tiny Succulent Care

Here are a few tips to keep your succulent looking and feeling good!


Watering Tips

Succulents require very little water.  We suggest misting your succulent with a succulent mister once every two weeks. The soil can be moist but never wet. And keep in mind that the soil is always wetter at the bottom!


Succulent Refresh

Succulents will grow overtime and become a little wild!  If you prefer your succulent to be in the picture perfect condition, bring in your pottery and we can help refresh your Tiny Succulent.



Sunlight Requirements

Your succulent can be kept indoor or outdoor. Keep in mind that our pottery is meant for indoor only, so exposure to rain will be detrimental to your Tiny Succulent as it's pot has no drainage.